Buy reflective fabric cloth by the metre. Sewable by hand or machine. Safety trim. Shiny lights up in the dark. Buy reflective fabric for sale by the metre. UK seller of reflective material cloth fabric sew stitch make arts and crafts sports safety

Reflective Cloth By the Meter - Delivered to the-local-area

We are the UK's No 1 supplier of Genuine 3M reflective cloth used for all different kinds of projects. Customers of our Genuine 3M reflective cloth range from industrial sized usages such as theatres through to smaller personal users such as arts and crafts hobbyists.

We sell a massive range of Genuine 3M reflective cloth - from small pre-cut pieces through to 1m wide by the metre.

We ship Genuine 3M reflective cloth daily to the-local-area and across the UK! We can fulfill large orders or small.

Genuine 3M Reflective Cloth Video

Are you looking for Genuine 3M reflective cloth for your project with the following qualities and characteristics: -

  • Genuine 3M reflective cloth (up to a metre selvege to selvege)
  • Genuine 3M reflective fabric that is Hand Sewable
  • Genuine 3M reflective cloth that is machine workable
  • Genuine 3M reflective cloth that is easy to cut
  • Genuine 3M reflective cloth that's easy to work with
  • Genuine 3M reflective cloth with no fraying
  • Washable Genuine 3M reflective cloth
  • Tumble dryable Genuine 3M reflective cloth
  • And...You want your Genuine 3M reflective cloth delivered to you in the-local-area ??
Order Today and We'll ship to the-local-area within the next 24 hours

Our Genuine 3M reflective fabrics and materials are used by many users from domestic arts and crafts hobbyists to commercial production of fashion and sportswear garments.

Buy Genuine 3M Reflective Fabric from our Ranges

We Ship Genuine 3M Reflective Cloth to the-local-area

We sell original 3M reflective cloth and ship to the-local-area.

reflective cloth material the-local-area
We ship reflective material to the-local-area. Daily Shipments UK wide.

Benefits of Genuine 3M Reflective Safety Material

Why we recommed using the 3M brand when working with reflective material. But why?

Some years ago we developed MovoBright; a reflective safety product for runners, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

In the development of MovoBright we tried a number of suppliers of reflective material and found none to be as efficient and effective as 3M.

The cloth is easy to work woth and on top of that, 3M developed the technology in the first place.

Our 3M cloth is genuine from source.

So save yourself time and expense by settling for the best from the beginning of your project.

There are a lot of Chinese imported retro reflective fabrics cloths and materials but beware - you will get what you pay for.

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