Buy reflective fabric cloth by the metre. Sewable by hand or machine. Safety trim. Shiny lights up in the dark. Buy reflective fabric for sale by the metre. UK seller of reflective material cloth fabric sew stitch make arts and crafts sports safety

Buy Reflective Fabric Cloth

Looking to buy reflective fabric?

We sell reflective cloth in any size and quantity by the metre off the roll or in pre cut to size panels. Our cloths are suitable for sewing by hand or machine.

Sewable reflective fabric cloth material cut to size or by by the metre.
Our reflective fabric is available off the roll cut to size or by the metre

We can provide you with professional advice on usage of the reflective fabric products that we sell for your project / application.

We stock and use branded & unbranded reflective fabric from world-class companies such as 3M and Reflexite.

We are a VAT registered UK company shipping reflective material of all size and quantities across the world on a daily basis.

We've sold thousands of metres and tens of thousands of pre-cut small panels of reflective materials since 2011.

Safety jackets for theatre company made from our reflective fabric.
French theatre KTHA designed high vis space age costumes with our reflective fabrics.

Shipping daily across the world

Reflective Fabric for Fashion Design

Our reflective materials are used by many designers in the fashion industry. From designers and textile students of all ages whether they're stitching design prototypes though to final full scale production runs, we supply reflective fabrics and materials with no minimum quantities.

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Theatre Stage Sets and Productions

We have supplied reflective fabrics and materials for all kinds of theatrical purposes; from costume design through to stage sets and backdrops. Our materials have been used in productions from London's West End to theatres in Paris, Las Vegas, New York and everywhere in between.

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Arts, Crafts and Hobbyists
We've sold hundreds of thousands of metres of our reflective cloths, materials and fabrics. We sell high quality reputable brands like 3M and Reflexite. People from many backgrounds buy our reflective fabric by the metre (or our smaller pre-cut panels) to cater for their reflective needs.

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Reflective Accessories

Police style reflective tape chequered safety blue and silver checkered fabric material

Click here to see our full range of available retro reflective safety fabrics, materials, cloths and tapes.